Housing help for Auckland’s marginalised


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Housing help for Auckland’s marginalised

Cold damp environments, overcrowding, high and rising rents. These are some key areas impacting on children and families in our communities.

What we can overcome

With your help we can turn around the lives of families where multiple children and families are sleeping on the floor in garages or in one room. We can remove social isolation and disconnection from community. We can create a better environment for healthy relationships.

The solution

We can help bridge the gap by supporting our Social Housing Family Worker who has a focus on improving outcomes for these vulnerable children and families as they work collaboratively with the intensive case managers of Housing NZ and MSD in South Auckland.

Our Family Works Social Housing Family Worker is helping bridge the gaps and is linking families to community services, like budgeting and public health nurses, to help prevent loss of tenancy, reduce debt and transience, increase stability and connections to sustain change. You can help be part of the change with your support today.

How can you help improve the outcomes for these at-risk children?

Your $500 gift will help provide a Family Works Social Housing Family Worker in an integrated role with MSD and Housing NZ to support social housing needs in South Auckland.

Make lives better for at-risk children