Social work to give babies a great start in life


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Social work to give babies a great start in life

Young families in some of the most deprived areas across our northern region are now flourishing with extra Family Works support alongside health care for their babies and toddlers.

The solution

We have three Family Workers integrated with local Plunket teams helping bring positive outcomes for hard-to-reach young and vulnerable families. As a family worker with the Plunket team in Huntly, Amanda Barron has helped more than 50 families with housing, health and financial concerns over the past eight months. Sometimes, simply providing information is all it takes to create a sense of hope and a positive outcome.

The impact

One of those families was on the verge of homelessness and didn’t know about the support available to them. Amanda let them know what they were entitled to and, after some gentle persistence, she was able to avert the crisis. The family was in a new home that weekend.
Amanda has been able to tell families about how they can insulate their homes for free, so their children don’t get sick in damp cold homes. She also helps with Work and Income entitlements, access to budgeting services and enrolling children in early childhood centres.
“I love celebrating the achievements of families I work with. I feel honoured that I get to share in their success and help them achieve a sense of accomplishment and belonging in the community,” she says.

Your part

You can play a part in this early intervention service with a $150 donation today, and see more families given the support they need to achieve great starts for their babies and young children.

Help give babies a great start to life