Budgeting to get out of the cycle of debt


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Budgeting to get out of the cycle of debt

Our budgeting services are underfunded. Many people in our communities are facing extremely difficult financial times. As they struggle with day to day complex problems, from ‘where do I go for help?’, ‘how can I feed my family over the next few days?’, to ‘what can I do to get myself and family financially independent again?
Often referrals for budgeting intervention are for multi-faceted debt – families or individuals facing bankruptcy and loss of homes, struggling to meet payments to creditors and just wondering where the next meal is going to come from.

With your support

Our budgeters can show families how to better manage the money they do have, get access to what they are entitled, and also explain debt and help people navigate through it. As a result, families will appreciate learning how to manage their finances themselves and being released from the burden of debt.
A gift from you means our budgeters can help see over 1,200 people supported as they more from extremely difficult financial times to independence.

What can you do today?

A gift of $45 could see a financially strapped family supported for a month through intensive hands-on budgeting support

The end goal

The ultimate goal of the Budgeting service is to move the families and individuals from indebted situations to financial independence through skilled and supported advice, budgeting education and support. In the past year we have supported 1244 new cases with advice and ongoing support.

Support financially strapped families