Wilson’s Small Steps of Change


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Wilson’s Small Steps of Change

This is a painting by Wilson*, a troubled and traumatised nine-year-old boy, who witnessed his mum die painfully of HIV after refusing treatment, and then had to endure being physically assaulted by his dad who had turned to alcohol to cope with the family’s difficulties.

Multiple times, Wilson had put the school in lockdown with police attending because he had stabbed a classmate with a pencil or was being very unruly. He had refused to participate in counselling sessions and vowed he’d never talk.

Family Worker Meg uses art sessions to help children express their emotions and heal. She’s been working with Wilson for the last 18 months to help him communicate his feelings. This painting may appear dark, angry and aggressive, but is a beautiful sign that Wilson is opening his heart — slowly — and that with continued support from Guardian Angels like you, positive change is on the way.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the child.

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