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We’ve helped build strong communities

Every day we build strong families and enable older people and those with disabilities or injuries to maximise their independence. Read some of their stories below.

Dayna Takimoana attended Incredible Years programme

Dayna’s Story

Family Works helped Dayna to break the cycle of violence. He now connects well with his children who love being with their dad and are no longer scared of him.

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Wilson’s Story

Wilson* is a troubled and traumatised nine-year-old boy, who witnessed his mum die painfully of HIV after refusing treatment, and then had to endure being physically assaulted by his dad who had turned to alcohol to cope with the family’s difficulties.

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Sarah’s story

After 10 years of abuse from her partner, Sarah finally found the courage to tell someone about the violence she and her daughter had endured.

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Ruby-Jean’s story

With her ankle in a plaster cast, Ruby-Jean couldn’t manage crutches and needed someone to push her wheelchair. ACC referred her to Enliven.

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Mya’s story

Mya is matter-of-fact about her disabilities, the result of brain damage at birth. “I have cerebral palsy and sometimes I have seizures,” she says.

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Jean’s story

At age 6, Jean contracted scarlet fever which affected her hearing and led to bone infections. Now in her 80s, she is profoundly deaf.

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Betty’s story

Betty had an Enliven support worker who helped her manage life on her own and encouraged her to take on a six-week walking challenge.

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Nicola’s story

Being locked out of the house in the cold was just another episode in a violent household. Nicola’s two children had already seen more they should.

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Marci’s story

Marci wanted help to change the child care arrangements she and her ex-husband had in place. In the process, she learnt she had to change herself as well.

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Tanya’s story

Tanya hit rock bottom when one crisis after another hit her life. She found it hard to look after herself, let alone her young son.

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