Marci’s story

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Marci’s story

Marci wanted help to change the child care arrangements she and her ex-husband had in place.

In the process, she learnt she had to change herself as well.

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Wanting solutions

Marci first contacted the Family Works Resolution Service when she wanted to alter the child care arrangements she and her ex-husband had in place. She thought it would be a simple matter of changing their routines.
An eye-opener

A family mediator encouraged Marci to attend a Parenting through Separation course and facilitated the mediation sessions with her ex-husband. The process was an eye-opener. Marci realised that the biggest problem was the way they were treating each other and that she needed to change how she thought and spoke about her children’s dad.

Putting children first

“I realised that everything I had in my head was all wrong and it wasn’t all my kid’s dad’s fault. The biggest thing that I learned was that my children are half of me and half of their dad, and that when I talked bad about their dad, it really damaged them.”
Now Marci and her ex-husband talk a lot and are able to negotiate. Best of all, the children have started to smile again.

“This process wasn’t about me getting what I wanted. Rather it was about figuring what was best for the kids.”

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