Kelly’s story

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Kelly’s story

Fronting up to gambling

Kelly has no regrets about ‘fessing up to her gambling problem. Along with her husband, she took the plunge and sought help.

A guilty secret

Kelly hadn’t told anyone about her gambling habit, until it got the better of her and she became desperate. With three children to care for, the household simply wasn’t coping. Then she heard about our budgeting services, so she admitted her addiction to her husband and sought help from Budgeting Service Manager, Maureen Little.

Strong boundaries

Kelly had herself barred from the places where she used to gamble and gave up smoking. Maureen manages the household income and outgoings and helps negotiate with agencies and creditors. She also supports the family with their daughter’s high health needs and in their ongoing struggles with Housing New Zealand.

On the road up

With strong boundaries in place, the family is now on the journey to a debt-free life. The first year was long and hard, but Kelly has no regrets about staying with our total money management services.

“I’ll never turn away from budgeting now because it really takes the pressure off. Since we got help everything has been on the up. We’re no longer spending money we don’t have.”

“We’re no longer spending money we don’t have.”

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