New phones give Shine clients a much-needed lifeline

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New phones give Shine clients a much-needed lifeline

New phones give Shine clients a much-needed lifeline

PSN’s specialist family violence service Shine has received a boost for people experiencing domestic violence thanks to the donation of mobile phones by telecommunications company 2degrees.

Receiving a new phone enables people experiencing domestic violence to be able to talk safely and get help – for some, it’s literally a lifeline.

PSN Social Services General Manager Andrea McLeod is delighted with 2degrees’ initial support of 20 phones, with more to come as needed.

“These phones will give Shine clients a much-needed lifeline and help them get safe. When you don’t have your own phone or it is no longer safe to use, it is life-changing to get a safe way to communicate privately and get help.

“Getting a new phone will make a huge difference to those clients, for instance, who are heavily monitored by an abusive partner, or who need to go to safe accommodation quickly without packing.

“Many of the phones will also be given to people who unfortunately end up in hospital as a result of their injuries.”

2degrees Northern Sales Manager Cam Rickman says 2degrees is committed to a range of social programmes, and to help those who are experiencing family violence get safe.

“Shine is an amazing charity that is helping New Zealanders when they need it the most. 2degrees is a purpose-driven organisation that is committed to making a difference in our community, and we are really pleased to be able to partner with Shine. We look forward to working with them more, and supplying more phones to those in need.”

The new or reconditioned phones come with pre-paid connections providing calling minutes, texts and data.

Shine distributes more than 100 phones to people in urgent need each year.

Without the donation from 2degrees Shine would have to buy the phones using limited resources.