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Help children feel safe at home today

Every child deserves to feel safe in their own home. Become a regular supporter and help put a stop to family violence in New Zealand homes.

Sadly, as many as 24 per cent of New Zealand children (that’s around 260,000) live in poverty. One child under two is hospitalised every five days and on average, one child is killed every five weeks.

Source: Family Violence Death Review Committee, Fourth Annual Report, June 2014

With your donation, we can help children cope with and recover from the effects of domestic violence. You’ll be funding lasting change through Family Works services like counselling and intensive support to restore children’s lives. Please help us by becoming a Family Works Guardian Angel … because every child deserves to feel safe in their own home.

By becoming a Family Works Guardian Angel, you’re helping children like Andrew recover from the physical and emotional torment of abuse.

By giving a $30 gift each month, you’ll support much-needed social services, family counselling, play, parenting programmes, social workers and counsellors and emergency food parcel.

Here at Family Works, we help more than 40 people every day – that’s around 15,2000 children and their families every year. Around 200 women and children attended family violence programmes, and thousands of children in low decile schools now have a social worker they can turn to for support. We couldn’t do all this without the support of our Guardian Angels.

With your help we will reclaim lost childhoods and rebuild families through a range of
wrap-around intensive services like family counselling, parenting programmes,social workers, emergency food parcels and budgeting support

"I want to offer support, show compassion and love to those experiencing the same trauma.”

October 21, 2015