EnlivenPlus Outcome Evaluation Report

EnlivenPlus Outcome Evaluation Report

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  • Create Date May 30, 2024
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EnlivenPlus was designed to fill a gap in New Zealand's dementia care sector, offering one-on-one support to individuals with dementia, their families, and whānau. The report delves into the effectiveness of this service in achieving its intended outcomes and uncovers valuable insights for future improvement.

Utilising a mixed-method approach, the evaluation effectively captured the perspectives of families, caregivers, and EnlivenPlus staff on the service provided. The findings reveal a resounding success, with EnlivenPlus meeting the majority of its intended service goals.

In the short term, the main outcome was an increase in knowledge and skills among carers and family members regarding dementia care, fostering a supportive environment for their loved ones. Medium-term outcomes demonstrated enhancements in social connections, client independence, and the overall wellbeing of both individuals with dementia and their caregivers.

Key to EnlivenPlus's success were four core elements: the cultivation of strong relationships and trust, tailored interventions to meet individual needs, comprehensive dementia education, and the expertise of PSN’s dedicated staff. However, challenges such as funding limitations and awareness gaps have impeded access to this vital service.

Overall, feedback from survey respondents and focus group participants echoed resounding satisfaction with the EnlivenPlus experience.

Since this report was completed, the EnlivenPlus service closed on 17 May 2024, yet the lessons learned from PSN's journey will continue to shape the future of dementia care provision.

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